Our Team

Buying or selling a home is an interesting mix of emotions that range from elation to deflation, and uncertainty... at least this range is possible. This is especially true with the purchase of property in a foreign country for investment.
She can provide a wide range of services, advice and practical strategy that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls typically inherent with foreign investment property.

Real estate purchases in Thailand can seem daunting but this is easily remedied with the pertinent knowledge and someone to decode it and put it in the proper perspective. For someone new to the market the paperwork alone can seem insurmountable. Transfer fee’s, Lease registration Fee’s, Specific business tax, stamp duty fee’s, withholding tax, sinking fund and various maintenance fee’s can quickly become a nightmare for a prospective property owner. Kwan and her staff will not only navigate this for you but explain in easy terms all the details you need to develop a firm understanding and make intelligent decisions.

There are many agents out there in the Phuket marketplace to choose from, but they are far from  equal. You owe it to yourself to consult Kwan and use her years of experience, proven track record and local connections to your personal advantage to negotiate your best transaction and to navigate the unfamiliar territory of property in Thailand.